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Ever since I could remember I've always dreamed about having a Gelato shop. After many years of being in and out of the culinary world, I've finally come to realize that being in it is actually for me. Sometimes you have to get away from it all to know just what you truly want. From that moment on I focused on gathering the freshest ingredients as well as the best quality, and got to work on producing some of the most flavourful Gelato. From classic flavours such as Tiramisu, to improvised creations like the Dapper Don, I guarantee you'll find a favourite. And from then on you'll just want more and more. So Andiamo!

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Andiamo Gelato believes in using the freshest ingredients and following the seasons. As the time of year changes, so do the flavours that are being made. Each batch is individually made to order. What you’re getting is being made the moment you order it, not being scooped from an existing batch and sold. We don't mess around! Where most ice cream can sometimes taste like cardboard, Gelato has a higher concentration of ingredients for the same weight. So every bite is a blast of flavours you won't get tired of. Fresh is truly the best, especially when it comes to our fruit based flavours. We don't use frozen fruits you can get all year round. We wait and pick the fruits ourselves when they are in peak season. So quit reading this and go TRY and pick a favourite.

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Look... we know everyone is busy, and sometimes we don't want to have to worry about leaving the house to get that sweet tooth fix. So "Fah-getta-bout-it!" We got you covered. Be it at home or at work, you'll get the goods. ***Please keep in mind, as flavours are made to order, same day delivery is not available. So plan ahead.***


***All flavours are sold by the quart and half quart, and are made to order.***

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